Five Fun Facts about Water

Water is a fact of life. It surround us; from the oceans we travel to the sky above us, water splashes up and rains down. We crave it; eating and drinking water in various forms for our entire lives. We are made of water, down to our bones.

Despite the prevalence of water in our bodies, lives and planet, there is much we don’t understand about the phenomenon of two hydrogen atoms compounding with one oxygen atom.

5 fun facts:

1. A healthy person might drink up to three gallons of water per day.
2. When you first notice thirst, you’ve already lost 1% (or more) of your body’s total supply.
3. Pure water (hydrogen & oxygen) sits on the pH scale at a perfect 7, making it neither acidic or basic.
4. Beverages made with water (tea, coffee, sodas) can contain caffeine, which can prevent water from traveling throughout the body.
5. The water on earth today is the same water that existed millions of years ago – a very compelling reason to get a HydroLogix water filtration system!

Give HydroLogix a try, and check back with us for more interesting and informative facts about water & hydration.