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Benefits of Excellent Hydration

There are numerous benefits to good hydration, and we’re happy to share: Increased mental alertness – dehydration can impair focus as well as short term memory. Digestion – from saliva to your stomach, water is there distributing nutrients and digesting fiber. Cardiovascular health – when you’re hydrated, your body doesn’t have to work as hard… Read more »

Drink Up!

There are numerous reasons to stay hydrated (mainly staying alive), and we’ve discussed the benefits of good hydration. But how much do you really know about the way your body utilizes and processes water? Ways your body uses water: Human body – 60% water Blood – 92% water Brain & Muscles – 75% water Bones… Read more »

Five Fun Facts about Water

Water is a fact of life. It surround us; from the oceans we travel to the sky above us, water splashes up and rains down. We crave it; eating and drinking water in various forms for our entire lives. We are made of water, down to our bones. Despite the prevalence of water in our… Read more »