Residential Solutions

A hydrated home is a healthy home. Make the right decision for your family and guests – choose one of the many water treatment solutions offered by HydroLogixYou’ll be amazed by the difference pure water can make in your body, on your skin and even for household plants and appliances.

Whether you’re bathing, watering the lawn, cooking, washing laundry, running the dishwasher or brewing up some sweet tea or lemonade, the water you use will have an impact upon the end result. Water is the essence of life, and if your water is murky then your quality of life (and lawn, dishes, clothing, sweet tea, etc.) goes down as well.

Invest in your water. Invest in HydroLogix, and enjoy clothes that are truly clean, plant life that is thriving and tea that is sweet – as well as many other benefits. Let us improve your drinking water by removing odors, acids and undesirable minerals with one of our wonderful water treatment solutions.

Residential solutions:

Water softening systems
Water pump installation
Home dialysis systems
Filters – iron removal, acid neutralization, odor elimination
Reverse osmosis
Water treatment for sprinklers

View our list of services to find the perfect water treatment for your household. Contact HydroLogix today and get hydrated.