Ultra Purification

Try our various water purification treatment systems for purposes ranging from operating kidney dialysis machines to pharmaceuticals to manufacturing semi-conductors.

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Water Softening is achieved by filtering out certain minerals – such as calcium – from the water, which results in softer water that may even help to extend the lifetime of pipes.

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Desalination is a process during which water filters through carefully prepared desalinization beads, removing any and all undesirable ions – such as sodium and chloride.

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Disinfection is a process by which we meticulously remove pathogenic micro-organisms from the water. This results in completely pure water, which keeps you hydrated and healthy.

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About Us

Say hello to HydroLogix.
From residential & commercial to medical & industrial HydroLogix has a water treatment for you. Our in depth expertise and outstanding results are why we've been in business in Virginia (and beyond) for more than a decade.
Our experienced hydrology technicians can transform your home or business into a desert oasis in just one visit.
Whether you're looking to make your household healthier or make the best choice for your company or medical office HydroLogix has the perfect water treatment solution for you. Take advantage of our skills & experience and enjoy the limitless health benefits of drinking totally pure water every day.
Call HydroLogix to learn how your life can change - in just one sip.

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Save Money with our In-Home Purification System

Invest in HydroLogix and quench your thirst forever. Our smart at-home purification system will keep your family hydrated and your bank account full! Save money with our long-term solutions and technology. Call today to discover the HydroLogix difference and start drinking from the real fountain of youth.

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